Things to take when Visiting Thailand

Must know what Things to take when Visiting Thailand before you pack your bag. Also, you must check the Best travel gadgets and accessories for backpackers, which make your backpack trip easier. Here is some packing list for Thailand.

Mini Umbrella

Thailand is tropical. So It is better to take an umbrella in a hot and rainy season. We recommend taking a mini umbrella with you. Umbrella is one of the most important things to take when Visiting Thailand.

Insect Repellent or buy spray – Organic

Secondly, As most of the southeast Asian country full of mosquito and bugs. Especially in the jungle and beach. So, you must keep a mosquito repellent with you when going outside. We recommend Sky Organics Organic Bug Spray or organic Insect Repellent.

Bug bite relief

We also recommend keeping a bug bite relief. The bed bug is common in hostels. So this is a lifesaver if you have a bite from bugs.


Since you will ride on a scooter a lot or chill on the beach a Sunscreen is a must to carry. Always use sunscreen, even if it is not a sunny day. You never know when the sun will come out. Don’t forget to re-use after swimming on the beach. I recommend SPF 70.

Travel Adapter

Don’t forget to take this travel adapter. Even though most of the places in Thailand have an American style plug socket. But you can not be sure about it. But some places also use European style plug socket. So it is better to carry an international travel adapter.

Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack

Rather than carrying a heavy backpack, you must want to carry an ultra-Lightweight Water Resistant Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack to move around the city or explore places. This backpack is foldable. So you can fold it and hang it on your backpack. For example, if your backpack is overweight in any airline, you can simply unfold this bag and use it to carry on your overweight baggage. this way you can avoid your overweight baggage charges. Not only that, this is a great bag for day or week hiking. This 20L bag is washable also.

Hope you like them, if you have any suggestion or any idea to share. Let us know. Don’t forget to like and share the post. Thank you.

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